Import PowerPoint HTML


All of the PowerPoint slides get imported as Branch Tables with Previous and Next answers.

  1. Open up your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Save it As a Web Page (no special options)
  3. The result of step 3 should be a htm file and a folder with all of the slides converted to web pages.
    ZIP THE FOLDER only.
  4. Go to your moodle site and add a new lesson.
  5. After saving the lesson settings you should see 4 options under "What would you like to do first?" Click on "Import PowerPoint"
  6. Use to the "Browse..." button to find your zip file from step 3. Then click on "Upload this file"
  7. If everything worked, the next screen should just display a continue button.

If any images were in your PowerPoint, they would have been saved as course files in moddata/XY where X is your lesson's name and Y is a number (usually 0). Also, during the import process, files are created in your moodle data directory inside temp/lesson. These files are not deleted by importppt.php as of yet.


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